Llamas with Hats 12 is the twelfth and final episode in the series. It was aired on YouTube on Feburary 12, 2015.

Llamas with Hats 12

Llamas with Hats 12

Plot Edit

Carl is at Paul's destroyed apartment and enters, ignoring the chanting mask behind him. When Carl goes into the apartment, he sees Paul's skeleton, and the mask goes inactive as Carl realizes what damage he's caused. After a short slideshow of all the things in Earth destroyed, Carl climbs onto a bridge. He sobs and starts to imitate a conversation between himself and Paul. Then, Carl jumps off of the bridge. He drowns, and his hat floats up to the surface of the water.

Other Facts Edit

This will probably be the last episode in the series. Carl and Paul is dead, and so is everyone else.

Theories and rumors were spread that the mask that was bugging Carl from Llamas with Hats 9 was actually the audience, as a metaphor for the fans asking for more and more of the series. This explains why the mask repeatedly says that Carl's work is almost finished.

Many think that Carl has split personalities - Carl and Paul, as he speaks in both of their accents at the end of Episode 12.

The blood vortex mentioned in Llamas with Hats 11 is shown in the slideshow hovering over the Eiffel Tower.

As Carl jumps off of the bridge, we hear him scream until he hits the water, and then there is silence. A lot of fans have pointed out how this is synonymous to a line in Episode 2, where Carl says "That is what forgiveness sounds like. Screaming and then silence." This insinuates that there has been forgiveness for Carl, especially from the audience.

Transcript Edit

Carl is seen at Paul's destroyed apartment

Carl hat

Carl: Paaaaul! Paul, are you home? Paaaaaul?

Mask: I'm right here, Carl.

Carl: No, you're not. You're not Paul, you're an imposter!

Mask: Caaaaaaaaaarl!

Carl: STOP IT!

Mask: You must finish your work, Carl.

Carl: Paaaaaul! Paaaaaaaaaul!

Mask: You're almost done, Carl.

Carl: I'm coming in, Paul! I'm sorry if this violates your restraining order, but it's important!

Carl is walking in the apartment

Carl: Paaaul? Paaaul?

Carl sees Paul's dead body - nothing but a mere skeleton with a hat.

The mask has gone inactive.

Carl: Ohhh...I guess you're gone.

A slideshow begins of the destruction Carl has caused - buildings are destroyed, homes are wrecked, and the blood vortex Carl has mentioned earlier is hovering over the Eiffel Tower.

Carl is at the top of a destroyed bridge, standing at the edge.

Carl begins speaking to himself in both his and Paul's accents while sobbing.

Carl: Caaaaaaaaarl!

Carl: Oh, heeey!

Carl: Caaaaaarl!

Carl: I didn't do that!

Carl: Caaaaaarl! CAAAAAAAARL!

Carl jumps off the bridge and drowns.

The last seconds of the video show Carl's hat floating on the water before also sinking.